Shopping Guide for Premium Domain Names

Domain names are the foundation of success of any e-venture. Without a domain name, it is impossible to have an existence online. In order to establish a prominent domain name, it needs to be premium.

Building a strong global brand takes more than a high-profile promotion, it requires a premium domain name. The line between success and failure in all business venture starts with your brand name, in the case of the internet, the domain name. Here are some tips on how to choose correctly a premium domain name to jumpstart your business online.

Short. Let’s face it. The shorter your domain name, the better it is when it comes to branding. Shorter domain names are easier to type and remember. It must be pronounceable and pass the radio test. That is, the audience listening would be able to spell the domain name correctly. In addition, studies show that users are more inclined to visit shorter domain names than longer ones. Thus, a shorter domain names attract more traffic.

Brandable. Analyze critically what services or product you're offering and don’t go too far from it. But if all other good names are already taken, like in most cases, be creative. You can use compound words. A good example is It consists of two easily understood short words that when combined together makes no sense.

Generic. Relativity to your niche endeavor is essential. Generic domain names are predictable and people would easily know what your site is all about. If you are selling shoes, is much better than The more generic your brand is the higher the potential it has for development.

Memorable. Your domain name promotes your business or services. Your domain name is your brand. How can one make brands memorable? Be simple. Passing the name of your site among friends are easier when your domain name is simple. So they don’t need to guess for spellings and other symbols to type in that may lead them to your competitors’ site.

Keyword-rich. Do not underestimate the power of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Keyword-rich brands brings more traffic to your site as they help search engines suggest your site in the relevant search results. Search engines love keyword-rich domains. So, aim for dominance in search engines by choosing keyword-rich brand.

Price. Premium domain names are generally more expensive than ordinary domain names. However, please note that your domain name is the all-time representative of your business in the online world. Spending more for a premium domain name is well justified since it would be a lifetime value and asset.

TLD. TLD stands for Top-Level Domains. Examples of top-level domains are .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov. The .com is considered as the most sought after domain name extension today. Majority of the biggest brands in the world own the .com extension. While it is true that finding the right .com domain name may be difficult as all the good ones are already taken, don’t lose hope. Continue searching from domain aftermarket, like NameTurf, for that perfect domain name.